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A crucial way we keep our Mathematics knowledge intact is through the act of solving problems. However, although there is an abundance of courses teaching Mathematics, accessing lots of maths problems for practice is not so easy. 

Recently, I had a personal need to brush up on my Mathematics knowledge, much of which I had not really practiced since childhood. Although there were several resources (books, websites, old exams, etc) offering problems with their worked solutions, they tended to be distributed across various media and were often found in different formats. Having to look through all the different resources and formats just to practice a Maths topic made the task of revising maths just that little bit more difficult. 

So I decided to document ALL my worked solutions in one place and called it ProblemsAplenty for obvious reasons :-). In this way, if, like me, you find you have the need to brush up on a Maths topic, you can quickly access, what should eventually become a large database of problems and their worked solutions in a more user-friendly way.

What ProblemsAplenty is

The hope for ProblemsAplenty is to develop it into a resource for those studying or revising Mathematics so that anyone can get access to an almost endless catalogue of mathematical problems and their worked solutions.

What ProblemsAplenty is not

ProblemsAplenty is not a course in Mathematics. Where available, I do and will continue to provide links to videos and other websites where the particular maths problem has originated or where the Maths topic is taught or explained in greater detail. In this way, those who need further study can find help more easily.

ProblemsAplenty in the future

ProblemsAplenty was created, first and foremost, for those studying Mathematics. However, if it proves popular, then the plan is to continue to add to it as I progress thorough my other Mathematics-related revision in Physics and Engineering.

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